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"Snow Witch" White Sclera Contacts (pair)


- White "Snow Witch" Sclera Contacts (Pair)

Purchase Includes:
- FREE Zombie white contacts (Max 1 pair per order)
- FREE Storage Case
Delivery by USPS, dispatched worldwide the next working day

These white Sclera Contacts cover the sclera and the iris, leaving just the pupil on show. A piercing point of black right in the centre.    Although they are very similar to our 14mm variety of white zombie lenses, because they cover the sclera as well, the eye is a more uniform bright white and no glimpse of the iris will be visible while blinking, moving the eye quickly etc (unlike 14mm contacts).

Be sure to read the Wear and Care guide before using these contacts. It also includes details of these lenses, including tips on how to put them in!

- 22mm diameter
- High Oxygen Permeability
- Sterile hydrophillic soft lenses
- Water (38%), Polymacon (62%)

Cosmetic Only. These do not alter vision so are not a medical device.


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